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Head Office: Vitosha 4, 1000, Sofia, Bulgaria

Branch : Agiou Dimitriou 153, 17343 Athens Greece

Emergency calls : +30 6970263932

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Nostos Enterprises

Company Profile
The company
NOSTOS ENTERPRISES SA is a branch in Greece of NOSTOS HOLDINGS CA based in Canada. It started in 2000 and soon developed into one of the most successful companies providing integrated IT solutions in Greece.
Since 2000 that NOSTOS ENTERPRISES was founded has been active in systems integration, software development, ERP – CRM technology integration and networking. The company today continues in standard basis its strategy of growth, along with the successful offering of qualitative services and support of its clients in order to success the value addition to all its partnerships.
The company addresses any type of business or organization in need of solutions in computerized business management systems such as:
Commercial Management Systems (ERP - CRM)
Accounting software
Production management applications
Warehouse Management Systems
Non-application data (excel, databases etc.)
Unstructured Data and Big Data Management
Business Analytics from other sources (e-shops etc)

Its position in the Greek market today is the result of continuous and long-term investment in state-of-the-art technologies and, in addition, specialized human resources, coupled with strong strategic synergies, providing its customers with access to high quality products, technologies and services.
We recently purchased (merged by acquisition) two small Greek Companies in Athens and their know-how and clients specialized on Database and Business Intelligence systems.

Within the strategic development plan of the company, NOSTOS ENTERPRISES has developed over the last three (3) years, on behalf of its customers, large-scale and complex projects using the new technologies and systems such as huge DATASETs, T-SQL, Oracle, Analysis Services, Custom VISUALS, SQL CUBES and incremental refreshes technologies through the Microsoft power BI system using the DAX & Power Queries programming language. The company's high know-how and years of experience combined with its innovative work with Microsoft's power BI enabled it to undertake a project for a large company specialized in paramedical services, based entirely on the business analytics & power BI philosophy.
Based on the aggregation of information from various data bases such as (ERP, CRM, PAYROLL time tracking management systems, Metrics on crowd based on CCTV cameras, combine with ERGANIS Payroll system and google Analytics), it offers a wide range of high value added services, creating a unified platform with various models and functionalities that allow flexibility in obtaining direct and targeted information on-spot data analysis and business decision making, based on business metrics & KPI data. Platform solutions and management are provided through on-premises services, as well as through Microsoft Service in a cloud environment (Azure etc).
Our philosophy
Since the company was founded in 2000, it has been steadily implementing its growth strategy through the provision of quality services and customer support, giving value to its partnerships. We want to be a company that innovates, and invests in new services and solutions by supporting its growth in successful partnerships and customer satisfaction.
Company’s Staff & Facilities
The company employs 15 people, for both Management and Development department. Specifically, the 12 people of the staff are certified Microsoft Power users and IT systems technicians for RDBMS Databases, ERPs ,Business Analytics and Analysis Services.
We occupy a space of 220 s.q.m and we use modern technology systems and dedicated server. Our offices are located in Ag. Dimitrios Area, on Ag. Dimitriou Avenue n. 153.
σημερινή εφαρμογή power BI Microsoft και Business Analytics.
Projects using Microsoft power BI tools

In 2009, on behalf of the bank ABB Alberta Canada, we took over a project concerning the Mortgage Management department of the company. The project was based on the use of TABLEAU tools and systems relevant to today's Microsoft Power BI application and Business Analytics.

In 2010, on behalf of the OPA chain! Souvlaki Canada, we have undertaken the Retail & Sales Management information and analysis management project. The project was based on the use of TABLEAU tools and systems relevant to today's Microsoft power BI application and Business Analytics.

Our Program for Data Protection and GDPR Rules
Our company has established a Data Protection and GDPR Rules Program to comply with European data protection law, specifically regarding transfers of personal data between company and our clients. The program comprises both as a Controller as well as a Processor in other cases.
What is data protection law?
Data protection law in Europe gives people the right to control how their personal data is used. When our company collects and uses the personal data of its current, past and prospective partners and employees, clients, suppliers, sub-contractors and any other third parties, this activity is covered and regulated by data protection law.
How does data protection law affect our company internationally?
Data protection law does not allow personal data to be transferred to countries outside Europe without ensuring an adequate level of data protection. Some of the countries in which our company operates (Canada) are not regarded by European data protection authorities as providing an adequate level of protection for individuals’ data privacy rights.
What is our company doing about GDPR rules?
Our company must take proper steps to make sure its use of personal data on an international basis is safe and, hence, lawful. We have developed a framework to satisfy the standards contained in European data protection law and, as a result, provide an adequate level of protection for all personal data.
In all cases where our company processes personal data both manually and by automatic means, whether the personal data relates to current, past and prospective partners and employees, clients, suppliers, sub-contractors and any other third parties, we manage and successfully satisfy the standards contained in European data protection law.